On The Set Of Public Enemies

The Boots Girls got the scoop yesterday on the set of Public Enemies while they were filming a robbery scene at the Uptown National Bank in Chicago. All of the film's major players were on set, including Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Stephen Dorff and Marion Cotillard. Access to the set wasn't easy, but The Boots Girls prevailed and we managed to get a tiny snippet of video so check it out! The cast and crew just started back up with filming this week after a little bit of time off. "Johnny just got back from the Bahamas. He was there last weekend," a source close to Depp told us. "He was planning on going home to L.A. but at the last minute changed his mind." Our source told us Depp even took his driver, Buck, with him! Dorff filmed a few scenes outside where a gaggle of girls had gathered. In typical I'm-such-a-hot-Hollywood-actor fashion Dorff waved and blew kisses to the ladies at every chance he got between takes. (*gag*) "Stephen is really messy. He smokes in it when he's not supposed to," an on-set source told us about Dorff's trailer. "He trashes it every night!" Depp on the other hand is a little classier. It's a known fact that almost every night after he's done shooting he goes outside to shake hands and greet the fans that are waiting to catch a glimpse of the A-lister. Yesterday was no exception. Another source told us that what you might not know is, "Before Johnny comes out to greet fans after filming he goes to his trailer to relax and share a bottle of wine with his little entourage." Depp was extremely gracious last night to the group of about 50 people waiting to say hi. Although he freely gave out hugs and handshakes, he refused to sign autographs. His bodyguard told us, "There have been too many professionals selling Johnny's autograph and that's not why he gives them." The Boots Girls will be on set all week, so stay tuned for more details!


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