Brangelina Brawling???

brangelinabrawling.jpg We didn't want to believe the break-up rumors about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. When they first came to town they truly seemed happy and our sources did not tell us otherwise. However, that changed by their second week in Chicago. Some of our reliable sources told us information last week that leads us to think there may be some truth to the rumors. We did hear from several sources that Pitt and Jolie have been fighting a lot. They told us they have been arguing about the kids, her weight and other life decisions. Some of our sources even go so far to say that they have already broken up and when they do spend time together it's for their children. People on the "Wanted" set thought it was strange that Pitt never came to visit her on the set once the whole two weeks she filmed in Chicago. Pitt has visited her on her other movie sets and even on the Prague "Wanted" set. Her oldest children Maddox and Pax regularly visited her on the set as well. No Pitt though. Also, Jolie and Pitt spent very little alone time together in Chicago. The couple only emerged together without their children twice. The first time was to eat dinner at Japonais restaurant two Saturdays ago and then once to dine at Avenues with a group from "Wanted". At Japonais the pair seemed distant and stoic at first, according to eyewitnesses. However, by the end of the night, after all the reporters, fans and paparazzi arrived, they were acting affectionate toward each other. When the Boots Girls met Jolie she seemed sad and exhausted. We hope that they can work their problems out and stay together though! The couple is scheduled to attend a fundraiser dinner soon in the Hamptoms, according to E! online.


  1. Girlfriend 101 Says:

    Well NO WONDER why he’s having a midlife crisis! LOL!

  2. KD Griffin Says:

    You guys are only people I actually trust when it comes to the break up rumors. I hope hope it’s not true.

  3. Jessica Says:

    Why would he visit her on set if she was shooting late nights? He was probably asleep.

    And your description of their behavior completely contradicts your previous stories…

    “Despite rumors of a break-up, our inside sources who have been in contact with the celebrity couple all week, tell us Brangelina have seemed happy as can be. They also said they are always smiling, laughing and joking around with each other.”

    So which is it?

    Oh and your “hair plug” theory/story is so dumb it completly ruins your credibility…

  4. Calm Down Says:

    Whoever wrote that last comment is the DUMB one! Jolie filmed plenty of days in Chicago. If her young children are awake to visit her then I think Brad can handle it too. And the Boots Girls reported that in the beginning of their Chicago stay they seemed happy and it wasn’t till the end of their trip when that changed. Finally, WAKE UP! Tons of celebrities have hair plugs. That’s a known fact. So not sure why you think that is such a crazy thing for them to report! WTF!

  5. Whatevs Says:

    So if he got hair plugs who cares? What’s the big whoop! Women get plastic surgery all the time. Why can’t men do the same without everyone making a big fuss about it. Jeepers creepers!

  6. truthbesaid Says:

    Alright.. so they might have hit some rough patches but let’s not make matter worse by blowing things out of proportions… Let them have some breathing space.
    From experience , no matter how rough the road , if you took it together , you’ll end up together, so far no separate vacays or long trips apart so I’m guessing they’ll make it thru’.

  7. Adrian Says:

    That’s why they never got married so they would never have to ”break up”.
    They’ll just keep dodging the question and saying” everything is fine we are devoted to our kids blah, blah, blah.
    They will keep up the front until one of them is seen dating someone else.

  8. michele Says:

    that whole post is the cover of every rumor that has been in the tabloids for the last 3 months. Glad to see you covered them all. When the annouce their separation, then i’ll believe the rumors.

  9. bobbyfeth Says:

    Did they also tell you what soap Brangelina is using too?

  10. ann Says:

    Brad was working 4 days he was in Chicago filming a commercial. If she was working late at nights and she was coming home, why would he go see her? So in a week he only went out with her twice and he was also working? Please. If they are at home, not in front of the cameras they are having “alone time”.

  11. juls Says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk—Shame on you ypur reliiable srouces said they were very loving and kissing at the restaurant while they were there…But know that they are gone tyour once in a life time chance is over so these imaginary’sources’ pop op AFTER they leave. Were your reliable sources while they were there. Pathetic do you guys know how mmany times Out of Touch, Star, Life and Lies have said this the past 3 years. WE are laughing our behinds of about these “reliable sourse” Again SHAME ON YOU!!!
    Angie being tired as heck had the graciuosness to even have her picture taken! I guess you are all the same as tablods and I believe you work for one, anything for money as long as idots buy it who cares if it a lie. BTW according to Bill Z., they got tattoes in their hotel room. Why not include that as well..

  12. hope Says:

    You lost all credibility with the hair plugs. How can you have sources and never know when Brad leaves the hotel until it was reported that he was filming commercial for 4 days. I guess you just want the hits on your site. How can they not spend any time together when they only step out few times and she was only filming at night.
    You also comment when you met her that when you met her “She seemed sad and exhausted” You might want to take time and proof read you previous posts, i know it’s only being a week but people tend to embellish after a day. lol

  13. just saying Says:

    yeah right.. how very convenient for you people to report a break-up when Brad & Angie have left Chicago. Sheeezzz you people are so transparent what tabloid magazine are you working?????

  14. Jessica Says:

    How funny you change your story. Your sources? like the sources that didn’t know Brad was filming a commercial until the chicago sun-times did an article about it, right? lol

    The Japanoise restaurant is a just a copy and paste from IN TOUCH word for word. And why you didn’t say so in the moment it happend? your original report of the dinner says otherwise.

    Ohh by the way, the chicago sun-times has a story today about them having tattos in their hotel, …

  15. TheseBootGirlsAreMadeForLying Says:

    You girls are something else. You were kissing their asses and saying how they were making out at the airport and looking happy, and now that they have left town, you’re back to making up stories about breakups?

    Gee, why didn’t you say any of these things when they were in town. When they were in chicago, according to you everything was fine, now that they are gone, now you have inside gossip about fights. lmao

    Still working for Intouch, huh?

  16. Jo Says:

    Like I would believe “your sources”! This site has lost all credibility, as you now sound amazingly like “In Touch” or any other trashy tabloid that relies on these ominous “sources”!

  17. oi Says:

    I think the Boots girls are full of it. Which inside source would ever dare to say stuff like that?

  18. I know you won't post this Says:

    you guys are pathetic spreading vicious rumors just like the bottom feeder tabloids..

  19. Kenie Says:

    Okay… This really proved what a bunch of hypocrites you are. You spend your time pretending that you so like this couple and then you start with your trashoids shit. But hey, well done girls. You’ve just proved all along what I thought of you since the start. Nice tactic. Making sure you get the trust of few people on here by reporting bit of truth and once you got them gullible sheep hooked, here come the lies told by the ”insider”. So who’s the insider? Another ‘’source” eh?

    Scorned, bitter, jealous, fat and liar cows. That’s exactly what you are. Still working for Not In Touch or do you plan to move to Star next? Good day!

  20. Rita Says:

    Are you girls kidding me? No wonder you already work in a tabloid, you people change stories as baby’s change diapers.

    So many sources (you have acess to Brad and Angelina’s close group?)… So some of the sources tell you they already broken up, others that they could broken and others that they might still work things out? Oh, man…

    You know that a source on set told BILL ZWECKER that Pitt was on set at least on time don’t you? And you know that Brad was not only filming a commercial while he was in Chicago but also preparing to is next movie role don’t you? Just asking…

    They could be breaking up, i don’t know… but you people don’t know shit… so you make things up… it’s stupid.

  21. hope Says:

    Selective memory.
    Few days ago. Even though Kanye was never there.
    They sat at a table in the downstairs outdoor patio. They enjoyed cocktails with their peeps and even said hello to Chicago hometown boy Kanye West at a neighboring table. By the end of the night, Pitt put his arm around Jolie. Before they left he gave her a quick kiss on the lips. Aww!

    At Japonais the pair seemed distant and stoic at first, according to eyewitnesses. However, by the end of the night, after all the reporters, fans and paparazzi arrived, they were acting affectionate toward each other.

    How are the affectionate in front of fans, reporters and paps and there was no pic of it. They also didn’t know about the dinner at Avenues until US ran that.

  22. Rita Says:

    Calm Down

    Their children weren’t preparing themselfs for a movie role and weren’t working in a comercial.

    Why would they be fighting about her weight? Agelina is skinny know as she was when he met her… it’s stupid…

    And it’s even stupidest because these people have no acess to Angelina or Brad’s inner circle. They don’t know a thing.

  23. rara3000 Says:

    umm wait. Didn’t you say they were happy last week. Now they are breaking up. Im just wondering, because either your sources have split personality or they can’t make up their mind. So which one is it. Happy or Sad! And wasn’t Brad working for four days without your knowledge and you guys just thought he was in the hotel. So hmm that takes up four days of not being on set. Oh well! Its kind of hard to believe this crap when you wait days after they left and reported good stuff on them while they were in the area. Sounds a little off almost like the report she picked him up from the airport with all her kids.

  24. GetReal Says:

    I think it’s awfully fortuitous that people who have a known connection with InTouch magazine are changing their story AFTER Brad & Angie have left town. When they were in Chicago you did your utmost to smile in her face and make her notice you. Now that shs’e gone you’re dogging their relationship just like your sometime employers.

    It’s also interesting that your change of tune comes not to long after it was announced that InTouch has lost several staffers of late to the Star magazine. Methinks someone is angling for a full-time job as a professional liar for the gossip rags.

    If that idiot Bill Zwecker at the Sun-Times never managed to dig up any dirt…and God knows he sure tried hard enough…then I highly doubt that two stalkers were able to do so. Nice try, though.

  25. Alice Says:

    I’m ammused that for 2 weeks you reported nothing but happiness. Now you’re saying they have been doing nothing but fighting for a week? Whenever you or fans got pictures with Angelina everybody said she was happy and smiling? Now she’s tired and sad? This story is hilarious.

  26. Well, of course Says:

    Thanks Liz, I believe it. This relationship started out so wrongly, and now they’re not together in NOLA either. Something is up. I heard he wanted to dump her back in France (remember the Berlin trip?). They’re not meant for each other and are very very different. I dislike AJ, but I feel sorry for her, because Pitt is the end of her high profile relationships, and she loves attention. Pitt seems to have commitment issues anyways. He mentally checks out of relationships before he dumps people, but 3 years seems to be his limit.

    Plus, there’s the whole issue of too much too soon. Having a child so early on into a relationship is doomed to make it fail, then you add several other children (more tension), and you start off with an alleged married man and an affair, these are ingredients for failure. I don’t know why people didn’t see this coming.

  27. Common's word Says:

    Really, so Brad was never on set? How about this, then?

    Between all those takes of “Matrix”-like gunplay, Common reported that he and Jolie became good friends and that she’s nothing like the tabloids would have us believe. “Angelina was the best — I’ve gotta tell you,” he said, flashing a grin. “She was, like, one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. I felt like the way she was encouraging me was just really warm and cool, and she brought the family around. I got to meet Brad — everybody was cool, just down-to-earth people there.

    “It’s good to meet somebody who’s such a big superstar who’s just so cool,” he added, “and really there for a cause.

  28. Rita Says:

    Well, of course

    Are you sure Angelina and the kids are not in NOLA?

    Because Pitt yesterday said:
    “My family and I are very happy to be back here in this great city. We love it here very much,”

    The Berlin trip to see his architect friends was when they still where at Prague. As for France… Did you read the serious french newspaper that reported their staying in France? You should read it… not the tabloids… Not IN TOUCH, that took the reports of the frech newspaper and twisted it and made up stuff.

    Tabloids are crap, they make things up. Yes a few sometimes they get right (they have to), but most of the time they get it very wrong.

  29. of course not Says:

    You heard , from you ? your inner demons !
    if all the rumors were true , they´ve already split 2 years ago , so why bother !!
    And if they fight , good for them because is healthy for the relationship.

  30. boots use brangelina to get hit on their website Says:

    It´s so funny , they received lot of visits when they reported on brangelina tour in Chicago , now they are gone , they need to made up stories to bring people here again.
    Well , guess what you are not a reliable source , you just are gossipist wannabe that got lucky for a few days .

  31. T&L Says:

    Well, of course — keep telling yourself that Jennifer! :-)

    Actually they are together in NOLA per Mr. Pitt

  32. catt Says:

    They are so over - stick a fork in them - they are done. I believe they have been over since she abducted Pax from Vietnam - Brad stayed home with Shiloh and wanted no part of Angie’s child exploitation!! They are only together for the kids and because Brad will be totally embarrassed with all the “I told you so”s coming at him. He will be the laughingstock of Hollywood and her career will be over!! Look at the pictures on the boat - Angie is holding Shiloh right up to him and he can’t even be bothered to look at either of them - COLD!!!
    I say HOORAY - The era of Brangelina ass-kissing is OVER!!!

  33. InTouchLackeys Says:

    WOW! What a coincidence that your revelations about the Jolie-Pitts comes on the same day as the cover of the new InTouch rag is revealed. To steal Aniston’s line, “I’m shocked - and the world was shocked!”

    You guys are the worst sort of opportunitistic hypocrites. You smiled in Jolie’s face and spied on her, admittedly stalking her around the city. And now you have the gall to expect people to believe that your “sources” are anything other than the liars at InTouch magazine? Yeah, sure. Now pull my other leg.

  34. You Peole Are Stupid Says:

    Sorry, but I’m ROTFLMFAO off at all of you people who believe what these chicks are saying. For 2 weeks they claimed all was perfect in Brangelinaland. Now they say they’ve gotten top-secret info to the contrary. Info that no other tabloid in the country is reporting - except InTouch. Here’s a quarter for you idiots to go out and buy a clue!

  35. sunny Says:

    I was getting ready for my vacation,
    came here and saw this.

    THIS would be horrible. They are so
    hot and COOL together. From the
    beginning, Brad certainly looked
    smitten with Angie, ALIVE, happy and
    doing some GOOD for the FIRST time in
    his 43-44 years. He would never lose
    all that.

    I don’t believe this.
    If you did make it up..W.H.Y. would
    you do it?! Money? I have it (my
    family), and I think a nice sleep at
    night is much better. I mean it.

    #11/ Well,of..

    A CHILD is the most BEAUTIFUL thing
    that could EVER happen to Angie and
    Brad, or any couple IN LOVE, And look
    at how precious Shiloh is! as wel as
    the other kiddies.
    You sound ALL tabloids.
    The tabloids LIE. Haven’t noticed that
    yet?? Don’t be mean, and watch YOUR

    I don’t believe this.


  36. Rita Says:

    Yeah catt, they are making out in the back seets of cars, having dinners, bike riders… just for the kids. AHAHAHA!

    Poor Brad and Angelina, the sacrifices they have to do for their children.

  37. sunny Says:

    Oh, and why would he come
    to Chicago to be with her
    while SHE was working, if
    she didn’t want him around??????????
    I mean she had to be there!

    Didn’t they come together
    He did only an ad that he
    could do ANYWHERE else but
    in Chicago.

    NOT believable..I’d be very
    sad. They are good people.

  38. tara Says:

    you can’t blame the Boots Girls for reporting what they hear! couples fight, and couples break up. it’s life!

  39. relax Says:

    Hopefully they’re just fighting. For the sake of the children I hope they stay together!

  40. Margaret Says:

    No sane person would want them to break up. They have four precious children. It doesn’t matter which celebs you like, and which you dislike, when there are kids involved you have to hope the family stays together. The Boots Girls are just doing their job.

  41. Martha Says:

    I’ve visited this site everyday since Brad and Angie went to Chicago.

    But… tabloid rumours???

    Bye for ever.

  42. ashley Says:

    The boots girls were not able to stalk Brad in Chicago. These girls were really stalking, aiming for a picture with Brad. Brad out-smarted them. Hence, the bad attitude by the boots toward Brad. They will have to write negative lies to make a name for themselves and to appease their disappointment. They also know that perverse people would like to read them and the bottom line is MONEY.

    Brad was busy taping his Japanese commercial, training for his next film (trainer flew to Chicago), flying to LA for jury duty, taking care of the children and other business. When he was free, he went to the set, according to Common, he met Brad at the set. We fans know the truth and so it does not bother me what they lie about.

  43. TheBootsGirlsAreWussies! Says:

    Gee, Boots Girls, what happened to the posts I saw on this site earlier today outting you guys for your SELF-ADMITTED previous employment by InTouch Weekly? ALL OF THEM HAVE CONVENIENTLY BEEN DELETED. Go figure. I guess you don’t want your “readers” knowing the truth - that this site is nothing more than a paid mouthpiece for InTouch Weekly magazine.

    You met Ms. Jolie face-to-face and didn’t have the guts to ask her if the rumors were true. Yet the minute the new InTouch is headed for newsstands and stores all over the country you’re back with tales of trouble and strife in Brangieland. As a previous poster who was deleted said, in the immortal words of Jennifer Aniston, “I was shocked - and the whole world was shocked!”

    It’s pretty comical that you all can dish out the lies of InTouch, but you can’t take the heat for your handiwork. What a bunch of wussies. If what you say is true and you stand by it, then why delete posts that flat-out call you paid henchwomen? Seems like someone is running an operation that’s built on hypocrisy as well as lies.

  44. Nisha Says:

    You guys don’t know anything. You didn’t even know where Brad was (shooting a commercial for 4 days) until you read it on another blog (JJ).

    You’re just like all the other tabloid writers. Using B&A to get website hits. For shame!

  45. Nisha Says:

    Of course my comment is “awaiting moderation”.


  46. Alyce Says:

    It’s amusing how for the past couple of weeks the website has been reporting how happy they are. When you and others got pictures with Angelina you said how nice and happy she was. Now all of the sudden she’s sad? You reported on their dinner out, how affectionate they were. Now two weeks later you decide they were distant? Clearly you need to fire your sources because you are reporting two completely different stories.

  47. falcon Says:




    What on earth could make two beyotches swing from saying all is good with Brad and Angie (as per their stalking, fact-finding efforts) one week and then say (as per their reliable sources) that it’s not good after all the next week???

    Did u really pose with Angelina (as shown together with ur gushy post that though she was tired from shooting, she was still gracious enough to pose with u)??? OR was that a cut and paste, photoshop job??? Coz now you are saying that she looked sad instead of tired when u saw her…


  48. bootysuck Says:

    Unlike the pathetic ANUSton who cannot get a permanent boyfriend. Karma is biting that hag in her smelly a*ss.

    How’s that catt?

  49. bootysuck Says:

    Hey booties how much In Touch paid your arses? Suddenly change of story to make it more sensational. I can smell crap from mile & you are one of them.

  50. bootysuck Says:

    I know you are going to delete these posts of mine. Who cares as long as you know people know your motives.

  51. bootysuck Says:

    Flip flopping booties are not good. They are devils in disguise!!!!

  52. ray Says:

    You are so totally bought by In Touch Magazine to corroborate their break-up, fighting stories about the couple!

    How much did you get from them for you to print that story, which was so inconsistent from your older posts about them?? Its a shame, but im sure you have no shame when it comes to money!

  53. Kate Says:

    Well, I wondered when you guys are going to show your real colors. I was warned about this site - the fake Brad & Angelina fans. Your only interested in attracting more hits to your site. I started to get suspicious when you first reported how you stalked Angelina in the early hours of the morning on her set and made her pose for pictures at 4am when she was exhausted and in hurry to get back to her kids. Some fans!

    And now you are stirring up the rumors again with the ever present “sources”??? The same sources that have leaked their breakup at least a 100 times so for and the same “sources” that predicted their wedding at George Clooney’s villa?

    I know this is the last time I am visiting this site. Disgusting…

  54. Kate Says:

    And of course because you are monitoring your comments, I would be very surprised if you actually post any critical comments…

  55. Adrian Says:

    and the Brangeloonies invade another site!!
    Keep up the good work Loonies showing the world your insane cult like love for some stupid celb couple who doesn’t even know you are alive. LMAO.
    Go back to JJ where you belong.

    Dear Bootsgirls,
    You will be flooded with emails now from the rabid Jolie fangirls. Keep your site real and don’t give in to their insanity.

  56. Can't wait for the breakup Says:

    Can’t wait for the family of freaks to implode.

    LOVE IT.


    Brad has only one child - Shiloh. After 12 months of pimped out visits with Jolie’s third world kids Pitt will never bother seeing them again.

  57. Liz Says:

    “People on the “Wanted” set thought it was strange that Pitt never came to visit her on the set once the whole two weeks she filmed in Chicago.”

    If you girls had bothered to check out Bill Zwecker’s blog printed on Aug. 10, you might have at least printed one truth in your blog which suddenly now mirrors “In Touch.”

    And if I’m not mistaken, seems as though I recall reading remarks made by the director of “Wanted” stating the actors were there to work. Me thinks had Brad been on the set visiting AJ that fans trying to get a look see would have disrupted work on said set in a very tight two-week time frame.

    Following is quote by Bill Zwecker:

    “As for Pitt sightings on the ”Wanted” set, another crew source said he had ”only seen him come to set once” since Brangelina and their kids had hit town — ”but this is only the first couple of days she’s been here to work. I assume we’ll see more of him and the kids as we go along.”

  58. ehem Says:

    Nice story Liz. I believe you.
    Wow, so many rude brangaloonies here. How come these brangeloonies were so ready to believe the good news and become abusive when given the bad news? Shows their state of mentality.

  59. Angelina_is_a_ Bobblehead Says:

    To the boots girls: All these posters being ugly because you posted something that made brangelina look less than perfect in the eyes of the world, are just little loonie “imports” from Jared’s site.
    Just last week they were quoting you as an expert on all things brangelina.

    Ignore and keep on bringing the news.

  60. TheBootsGirlsAreWussies! Says:

    I checked back to day to see if you all actually had the guts to print my post - because it said “waiting moderation” when I posted it - and I’ll be damned if you didn’t pony up! Good for you. Not quite.

    Interestinly enough you didn’t have the gusts to post the original message that called the two of you on your InTouch connection or the fact that you are most likely angling for jobs on their recently decimated staff. Be brave, ladies, post ALL the negative comments, not just the ones that call you on your flip-flopping.

    BTW - You guys need to run for political office. You’ve got lying out your asses and changing your story down to a fine art.

  61. adrian is gay Says:

    Pathetic Boots. Liars. I do hope your lovelife sucks!

  62. BootsGirlsCan'tStandTheTruth! Says:

    Gee…go figure…my comment from last night didn’t pass “moderation”…again. You girls need to grow thicker skins if you ever want to play with the big boys in the celeb blogging world. Perez, Dlisted, JustJared, Gawker, Defamer…none of those guys delete the posts that rip them new assholes. If you can’t stand a few home truths…get a new “hobby”.

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