Who do the Cubs Want to Buy the Cubs? The Boots Girls Know!

kerrywood.jpg The Boots Girls attended Kerry Wood's Strike Zone celebrity bowling tournament Sunday night at 10pin and we asked all the CUBBIES (at the benefit) and then some who THEY want to buy the Cubs. From the team's answers, here are the candidates: Mark Cuban, I don't care/know and Ryan Dempster's next door neighbor from high school. Here's the results from our savvy and sexy Cubbie opinion poll. The only Cub we missed was our personal fave manager Lou Piniella. BOO! He's a Boots Girl fave and unfortunately he left after 20 minutes so we missed him. Kerry Wood: "I don't care." Boots Girls: All your teammates seem to want Mark Cuban. Wood: He would be great. I didn't want to say. I met him once when he threw out the first pitch. cubbies1.jpg Aramis Ramirez: "[Mark Cuban] would be great!" Mark DeRosa: "Mark Cuban." Billy Petrick: "I want it to stay the same." Sean Marshall : "I don't care. Mark Cuban would be pretty good." cubbies2.jpg Derrek Lee: "I don't care." Scott Eyre: "Cuban would be nice." Carlos Marmol: "I don't care." (As he literally bit our faces, no joke!) Michael Wuertz: "Mark Cuban." ryandempster.jpg Ryan Dempster: "My next door neighbor. When I was in high school he was really nice. He bought me ice cream. I don't know if he has the money but..." cubbies3.jpg Ted Lilly: "Whoever will spend the money. Mark Cuban I guess, but there's a lot of politics involved." Jake Fox: "From what I hear Mark Cuban would be great. So I'm going to say Cuban!" The Boots Girls even asked a couple non-Cubs players! tommieharris.jpg Bears player Tommie Harris: "Mark Cuban. HE TRIED TO BUY THE BEARS LAST YEAR, BUT THAT'S NOT PUBLIC INFORMATION." chpimp.jpg And finally Jon Veremis, the Cubs Clubhouse P.I.M.P: "Is that even a question? Mark Cuban." Here are the results of our scientific survey! Mark Cuban: 9 I don't know/care: 3 Ryan Dempster's high school neighbor: 1 Cuban clearly won by an overwhelming majority. Go CUBan!!!

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