Inside Crazy Joe Jackson’s Chaotic Chicago Birthday Party!

joejacksonbirthday1 Joe Jackson celebrated his birthday on Saturday night at a chaotic celebration at a home in the Chicago suburb Tinley Park that would’ve been more fitting at the Neverland Ranch! Guests began arriving for the King of Pop’s pop’s bash at 6 p.m. and if one didn’t know any better – you would’ve thought that it was a Pimp n' ho-themed party. People strolled in with canes, crazy hats, neon lights brighter than the Las Vegas strip flashing on their shirts and one lady even dared to strike a pose in a white bikini, with a white fishnet sweater cover-up and stilettos on the red-carpet. The man of the hour himself arrived three hours fashionably late with an entourage big enough for a 4th of July parade! Jackson strolled from room to room through the sea of about 700 guests greeting people and caused quite the fire hazard. Guests pushed and shoved in an attempt to get an autograph, picture or glimpse of the Jackson dad. However, if you didn't have a stash of cash with you - you were out of luck! Jackson told one guest he'd only sign an autograph for a crisp hundy! Jackson had a bevy of beauties as part of his entourage including some artists on his record label such as up and coming singer Zika. His singers were disappointed when an audio malfunction prevented them from performing that night as scheduled - but in true dirty old man fashion Jackson seemed more concerned with keeping his happy hands happy by grabbing hips and ass during the course of the night. Guests were instructed to not talk about Michael Jackson and The Boots Girls tried to get an interview with Joe, but that didn't go over so well. He went into a rant about reporters. “They always twist everything I say,” Jackson told us. “How do I know I can trust you – you look feisty!” joejackson2 Calm down Joe. He did invite us to enjoy a Thanksgiving-style feast with him in a private room upstairs that consisted of rice, meatballs, potato salad and LOTS of chicken, naturally. Jackson was quite the moody character – he went from jolly to snappy all night. When one guest called him the “birthday boy” he snapped: “I ain’t no boy. I am a man!” And quite the old man at that. Even though his invites read that it was his 80th – he said he was 81 and other guests said he was even older than that. "We have been celebrating his 80th birthday for the past few years now," one guest exclaimed. But by the looks of it – age has not slowed his sex drive down. The only time Joe really seemed to perk up is when we told him we were going to strip down since it was so damn hot in that over-packed house. Joe had no objection to that. Sorry Joe, we were just referring to taking off our jacket!


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