Jillian Harris Picks Asexual Ed!

ed-shorts2 Congrats Jillian Harris - you're engaged to a short shorts wearing and aerobics loving asexual and possibly even gay man! On last night's ABC The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris, accepted a marriage proposal from Chicago local "tech consultant" Ed Swiderski as we reported she would. However, SEVERAL sources tell us that he's not even attracted to women! "If he's not gay, he's the most asexual man to walk the planet," one source said. "He does not hook up with girls." What we've been hearing was totally reconfirmed when he couldn't even get it up on the July 14 episode in Hawaii. We're told that Ed is metrosexual to the MAX! He loves to shop, wear short shorts, hang out with his gay male friends and has been spotted getting jiggy with it at 6 a.m. aerobics classes at local Chicago gyms. However, Ed sure did a great job of putting on the poker face for Jillian. "You're everything I could ever ask for in a woman...you make me smile when I look in your eyes," he told Harris last night. Yeah, everything he could ask for in a shopping companion! Jillian fell for Ed's Oscar moment and burst into tears. Oh puh-lease! "I've been waiting to tell you 'I love you' for so long," she replied tearfully. Honey, unless you plan on pulling a Chaz Bono, it's time to start looking again!!! We give this relationship no longer than a week! It's going to crash and burn fast once she realizes that his Hawaii performance problem was not a one time issue!

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