EXCLUSIVE: Brad Pitt’s Date With Jennifer Aniston’s BFF!

brad-pitt-suit-hot It looks like Courteney Cox may be hanging up her Team Aniston jersey since she had a night out on the town last night with Brad Pitt!!! Cox and her hubby, David Arquette, were spotted hanging out with Jennifer Aniston's ex-hubby last night at the Chris Cornell show at The Wiltern. "I couldn't believe it when I saw Brad Pitt hanging out with Jen's best friend," an eyewitness tells The Boots Girls. "They were laughing and chatting each other up by the bar." Not only were they hanging out - they seemed like they were best friends having the time of their lives! "They looked like they were having a great time and they seemed like buddy old pals," a source tells us. "They seemed like they had been hanging together for years - there was no awkwardness between them." I wonder what Jen and Angie thinks of this - we know Jen can't be happy with the situation!!!


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