EXCLUSIVE: The Beast Producers Optimistic Patrick Swayze Will Film Season Two

The Beast Bill Rutko Vincent Agnell Kevin O'Connell Kristen Lepore Liz Crokin The Boots Girls The Beast producers and co-creators Bill Rotko, Vincent Angell and Beast star Kevin O'Connor gave a press conference in Chicago Wednesday where they said Patrick Swayze is doing well, and they are optimistic he'll return for the show's second season if it gets picked up. "I spoke to him right before I came to Chicago last night," Angell told The Boots Girls. "He's great. He sounds great. He is proud of what he's done." Rutko added that he checked himself into the hospital as more of a "precautionary move", and he'll be getting out soon. "He's doing good and he'll be getting out of the hospital soon," Rotko said. "He has pneumonia. It is not that serious. It was more of a precautionary move. He missed a day and a half of work in five months. He's a tough son of a bitch. We're hoping he'll be back for a second season!" Swayze was such a tough son of a bitch that during filming of the A&E series he did all of his own stunts. "He hit people, he shot a few people, he ran after people, he broke necks, he jumped off the sides of buildings, he jumped onto banisters," Angell said. Rutko added that even if the producers tried to give Swayze a stunt double, he wouldn't allow it. And Swayze's illness did not effect his performance in the show at all. "I was tired before him," Rotko said. Rotko and Angell said Swayze was a perfect fit to play the role of FBI agent Charles Barker. "I said 'wow this guy can actually do this part' and not only that, but he can change the way that people view him," Rotko said. "Not that it was bad to view him from Dirty Dancing and Ghost, but it had always been the romantic lead and we wanted to turn him into something different." Initially, the show was going to be shot in Washington D.C., but Chicago ended up being a more practical city. On top of that, Chicago appealed to them because the FBI has large presence here. "Someone in the field office said it's the hub of the country," Angell said of the FBI. They said that the Windy City truly became a character in the show. "Chicago became a third character in the show," Rotko said. During filming, they encountered many characters here especially during their Friday night shoots! "Everybody is drunk here!" Rotko said. "While filming one night in Bucktown one person stole the slade, a girl puked on the set and another drunk egged a producer and a police officer." Oh you gotta love Chicago! Rotko and Angell also said that as soon as Swayze gets out of the hospital he looks forward to doing more interviews and promoting for the show. The show premieres tonight at 9 p.m. CST. We saw clips from it last night and it looks amazing, Swayze is a badass!

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