Exclusive: R. Kelly’s Divorce Party!

R. Kelly Singing R. Kelly's divorce was finalized yesterday and in true rock star form, the R & B singer naturally threw himself an elaborate house party to celebrate his new life as a single man and his birthday! R. Kelly's Olympia Fields house, just outside of Chicago, was packed last night with mostly wall-to-wall girls to celebrate his divorce and his birthday, according to an inside source. The Ignition singer went all out for his party by performing a full set with dancers and even had a hype man to rile up the crowd before he got on stage. "He pulled out all the stops," according to a party-goer. "I felt like I was at the United Center!" The party lasted until about 3 a.m. in the morning. We couldn't get any pics, because R. Kelly is super strict about not allowing any cameras in his house. Hmmm, that's odd - we wonder why! :-)


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