Inside Jennifer Aniston’s Interview With Oprah

Jennifer Aniston Oprah Audience members said that Jennifer Aniston was in a "great mood" during today's interview with Oprah Winfrey and absolutely "glowed" when she talked about her boyfriend John Mayer. Audience member Niveen Atieh said that Aniston did confirm that the is dating Mayer and that she got really excited when she gushed about him. "She was glowing and very excited about the relationship," Atieh said. Audience members also said that Aniston was very nice when the topic of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie came up and she handled it really well. "Jen was nice in the interview and when she was asked questions about Angelina," Jared Campbell said. "She handled it very well." Insiders also said that the rapport between O and Jen was amazing and, unlike Pitt's interview with the talk show queen, there was no awkwardness at all. "Things between O and Jen were great," Campbell said. "They were like two old friends" Eyewitnesses also said that it seems that Jen is really happy for Brad and Angelina and boasted about how her marriage to Pitt seems like a 100 years ago. So Jen taped O today and Pitt taped her show exactly a week ago from today. Come on Oprah, give us the biggest give of all and throw Angelina on!


  1. andrea Says:

    i would glow too if JM was my boyfriend. i love these two together.

  2. Sadie Says:

    You see, Liz, you can do very nice reporting - good journalism. Hopefully you’ll stop with the Jennifer bashing so that people will thoroughly enjoy your wonderful blog. Objectivity is a wonderful thing.

  3. liz Says:


  4. beth Says:

    Sadie - not sure if you realize, but good journalism is reporting everything, not just the good things about jennifer aniston. maybe if thats what you are looking for you should join one of her fan clubs. i appreciate all the celeb dirt, wether good or bad.

  5. david Says:

    Too bad oprah didn’t have the balls to call her out on her lies.Did she even ask her about her trashing Sex and the City?Now Jen that’s uncool.

  6. cjm Says:

    the “repertoire” between O and Jen? do you mean rapport?

  7. anon Says:

    John and Jen are acting. They break up in a matter of weeks. John has a contract. It is all very strange until she is married: that is why she said this clue “It just might not look the way it’s supposed to look at this point.”……

  8. alice Says:

    david, why are negative people like you do exist in these world. you dont know them truly and sincerely. please put your judgment away. we love O and Jen and Brad and Angie. we dont like negative people like you here!

  9. david Says:

    No I don’t know them personally, when I say the lies I’m talking about the fact that in her infamous VF interview jennifer and her friends say brad told her there was an attraction and a deep friendship with Angelina.Now she is calling Angie uncool for saying the same thing to vogue two years ago.

  10. Elsa Says:

    I believe Jen and John are acting to. They seem so phony with no real souls.

  11. konnie Says:

    oh god i looooove her soo much !!!! Well actually both of them, they make a good couple. Jen is so smart, all her interviews make u laugh she’s so funny :) Cant wait to see Marley & Me in theatre

  12. Maggie May Says:

    I think Jen’s comments are highly inappropriate - Angie was talking about her life, not Jen’s - she needs to get over it!!!!

  13. James Says:

    I think the turning point for me was Jolie was caught in her lie. You don’t do an interview and claim you couldn’t be interested in a married man, then say you fell in love while filming the movie. I don’t get how Jolie feels the need to constantly discuss her relationship.

    It’s nice that Aniston finally said something albeit “uncool” was a bit too tamed.

  14. lin Says:

    It is rumoured that Brad and Angie were “thrown” when they heard Jen’s “uncool” comment. They thought she had finally moved on. Really? What about Angie and her constant comments..”we fell in love making the movie”…the kids will see their parents falling in love”…”I love to be naked with Brad” Sounds like its Angie that refuses to move on. I wonder if Angie gave Brad a timeout and he peed on his timeout chair :)

  15. arlene Says:

    guys please leave jen alone….. she’s a great actress. she’s beautiful & i think she’s very talented and smart

  16. Another Maria Says:

    Of course she glowed on Oprah’s show. What celebrity doesn’t? I mean you have to be “on.” As a Brad fan I didn’t take offense to the uncool comment. I just don’t know why she can’t choose to not address anything related to Brad; it only puts that marriage back in the spotlight and for someone who keeps saying she wants to move on it doesn’t much help the cause, does it?

    Yes I would love to have Angie on too! She and Oprah seem to have a lot more in common anyway. It’s a bit of a shame she’s been absent from that show. Oprah has some weird girlcrush on Aniston, I don’t really know why either. She never has anything all that interesting to say if you think about it. Must be the hair. Good hair is always hypnotic.

  17. alice Says:

    i think Angelina should stop talking about brad and how they met because it is OBVIOUS and we know the fact already. i hate the way Angelina brags about her life, because she likes that people would be jealous of what she has. brad and 6 kids. but brad is looking more ugly these day, didnt she notice that?

  18. david Says:

    alice obviously has never been in love.
    Honey when in love you gush, you brag, you just can’t help it.
    You fools do know they were still filming MMS in March/April 2005 don’t you-therefore separated.I also love how woman condemn Angelina when Brad stated in an interview that he chased her and chased her hard.

  19. Ginger Says:

    Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Smith was still filming till late spring of 2005…
    Brad is a good guy with a good head on his shoulders, he ended his marriage before acting on his feelings towards Angelina…
    Even Courtney Cox attest to that.

    Jennifer knew it too and decided to divorce him because she could’ve fought for Brad but she didn’t. But their marriage was falling apart even before that… During the TROY movie, Brad was already feeling the weight of the marriage falling apart.

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