Exclusive: Inside Brad Pitt’s Interview With Oprah

Oprah Winfrey Brad Pitt As promised, here's our exclusive coverage of Brad Pitt's first interview with Oprah Winfrey at Harpo Studios in Chicago Wednesday since his split from the Talk Show Queen's BFF Jennifer Aniston. The Boots Girls went the extra mile to score tickets to the show and we spare no detail about the, at times, slightly awkward interview. Pitt filmed the show to promote his new movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, with his co-star Cate Blanchett. Brad did most of his interview solo at the beginning of the taping and the first order of business Oprah brought up was the Obama victory rally that they both attended separately in Grant Park the night before. "I would have invited you out with me to the rally last night," Oprah immediately told Brad when he sat down for the interview. "But I was down with the people and I didn't think you would want to be." However, Brad reassured her that he was down with the people also as he rode the CTA to the park. "I took the tram, shoulder to shoulder," he told Oprah. The topic of his lady love Angelina Jolie and their six children together came up often during their conversation. Oprah acknowledged to Brad that Angelina is the love of his life and she asked if this is the happiest he's ever been. "Dare I say," Brad said. "Dare I see," Oprah said implying this is the happiest she's seen him. Not surprisingly, Oprah also asked Brad if he wanted to have more children. "Probably," he said. "It's [parenthood] the greatest endeavor I've ever taken on. Why stop now?" However, not everyone in the studio shared that same sentiment. When Blanchett later came on stage during the taping and realized that Brad and Angelina have six children and counting, she turned to Brad and said "sick". The Boots girls honestly don't know if Cate, who has three children of her own, was complimenting or contemplating Brad's decision! Although, Brad did also say that he can only handle being left alone with four of his children at a time and that they are the "funniest people". We'd have to agree! He revealed that Shiloh is in a stage right where she will only respond to the names John and Peter! Ha! Pax, on the other hand, wasn't so funny a while back when Brad put him in timeout and he rebelled by peeing on the timeout chair. Now that's something to say "sick" about! On a random note, Blanchett surprisingly told the audience that the act of spooning is very important when looking for your mate. "Your bodies need to fit perfectly together," she said. We never expected that to come from her mouth — the audience and The Boots Girls were laughing out loud! Brad noticeably closed up when a woman asked him a question about his tattoos via an O satellite. He refused to visibly expose or even talk about any of them. He said that it was a personal matter and recommended that the audience members share the experience of getting a tatoo with someone they love. When both Cate and Brad were asked from another viewer via satellite what their favorite meals are they both agreed that they go through phases. After Oprah hassled them, Cate settled on a bowl of rice and Brad said Indian food. Seriously, rice? I think we now know Cate's diet secret, yikes! Finally, Oprah busted out the W issue Angelina recently graced the cover of with a photo that Brad took. Brad said that he loves working with Angelina and that he did the photos to promote his movie. He also said that most of Angelina's photoshoots portray her as "femme fatale", but in actuality she is very sweet. We've met Angie and we can second that! Overall, we have to say that the interview was definitely a little awkward at first especially when Angelina was initially brought up. During the commercial breaks there were awkward silences and Brad fidgeted in his seat a lot too. "It seems like he has ADD, because he's antsy and has to move around a lot," as one fellow audience member put it. However, it definitely did seem like Oprah was trying to mend her relationship with Brad. She apologized for not inviting him out on election night and by the end of the interview it seemed as though any hard feelings she may have had for Brad were thrown out the door. Oprah praised Brad several times throughout the taping and when the show wrapped, she walked off stage with her arms wrapped around him. O was clearly still feeling the love from election night! The movie comes out on Christmas day and from what we saw, it looks great. The producers were in the audience and said they have been working on the script for 18 years! The interview is scheduled to air on Oprah on Nov. 18 so set your DVRs now!


  1. Reefer Says:

    Was Cate high or something at that interview? Sounds like she’s nut job!

  2. Back2Back Says:

    Cate’s “Sick!” was a compliment to Brad. She once said she and her husband wanted 4 or 5 kids - all boys.

  3. Taylor Says:

    Sounds like a great interview. I can’t wait to tune in. Wonder what Jennifer Aniston will think that her tv talk show queen BFF has interviewed the “enemy”. ha. Can’t wait.

  4. lol Says:

    Reefer, it sounds like brad is the drug user. there’s many articles about his drinking.

    He’s also a chicken when it comes to talking about Angelina.

    The good father image is FAKE!

  5. haha Says:

    lol — I don’t think his father image is “fake” at all. Not sure where you get that but you must not read the mags and see the pics of him with his family. You must be one of those jen aniston lovers / angelina haters that graces this site.

  6. Alex Says:

    Poster #101, give it up hater lol. Thanks for the 411 I have to DVR it

  7. Faye Says:

    Thanks for providing a recap of the show. I normally don’t watch Oprah, but I’m looking forward to seeing this interview.

  8. Maria Says:

    My 18 year old niece just taught me that the kids these days use ’sick’ to describe something positively good. Its the new word it seems.

  9. Angela Says:

    C’mon everyone. Brad & Cate were there to promote their movie, not discuss private matters. I enjoy watching Brad act. What he does in his personal life is exactly that..PERSONAL. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to meet him though.

  10. Victoria Says:

    I am glad to see that Oprah got Brad on the show. I will definitely be watching this episode of them on it. Brad seems like that he is a great guy.

  11. Another Maria Says:

    Hey, thanks so much for this juicy tidbit! Tell me how did the audience respond to Brad being there? Did they go nuts or were they more interested in Oprah’s behavior towards him? Am dying to know. :) Also how did you ever score those tickets?!

  12. nuckingfats Says:

    #4 lol: You’re such a retard. Where are the articles saying that Brad is a druggie and drinking too much?

    You’re the one who’s a FAKE! Go back to the basement and hide there for the rest of your natural life.

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  14. hahaha Says:


  15. not me Says:


    now Brad has a new family and even if you don’t like it


  16. inquiring mind Says:

    Dare I say that Brad was afraid of being asked about Jennifer …. could a therapist please tell us if Brad is feeling any guilt over JA, or is he just afraid to talk about it?

  17. claudia Says:

    I can’t wait to see the show on the 18th.
    I love Brad Pitt!

  18. claudia Says:

    I can’t wait to see the show on the 18th.
    I love Brad Pitt!

  19. claudia Says:

    I can’t wait to see the show on the 18th.
    I love Brad Pitt!

  20. ERICKA Says:


  21. Miriam Says:

    Thank you. I can never get enough of these two. I absolutely love them. Brad Pitt is and always will be gorgeous. Angelina is one lucky woman. I hope they are together forever. Best wishes to the most beautiful couple on the planet.

  22. Ri Says:

    Perhaps he doesn’t want to answer questions about Jennifer because that part of his life OVER. He was there to promote a movie why should he answer personal questions? Why should he rehash questions about his past relationship? Did Oprah ask Cate about her past relationships? No, she just wanted to stick her big nose into Brad’s for ratings! She knows she messed up when she publicly took sides, it cost her over 2 years of possible rating grabs, now as it turns out he was serious about Angelina, she’s eating crow to get him to come back AND get Angelina to join him.

  23. K Says:

    Hey Another Maria…I was at the show and yes the audience was gushing over Brad Pitt. I don’t think very many people knew/cared about his and Oprah’s differences. They were just happy to be there…as I was!

  24. Maureen Lestelle Says:

    I think that after how many years now? 4 0r 5 and six children you need to get off the Jennifer Aniston refrain. Whatever you think of Angelina, she combines motherhood, family and work and from all accounts does it well.
    My understanding is Brad always wanted children and Jennifer didn’t- both got their wishes. Kids aren’t perfect so I can imagine theirs aren’t either - but they have two committed parents who seem genuinely together. Far more so than some traditional families I’ve seen. Plus both of them give of their time and money to causes close to each heart. Had Brad and Jennifer fulfilled what it was that each other needed, they’d still be together. They didn’t and they aren’t.
    Rock on Jolie-Pitt family.

  25. Another Maria Says:

    Ooooh…Thanks so much K. I’d go nuts too! How lucky and fun for you to have been there. :D

  26. kayla Says:

    we all know oprah called jenn to ask her permision 1st and we also know it is a set up so oprah can have something on him when angelina cheat on him

  27. amelia Says:

    I call bull sh!t, thanks for exposing him oprah, he can say that he love Jen all the time but why don’t he say he love angelina

  28. steven Says:

    “Dare I see,” Oprah said implying this is the happiest she’s seen him…. hey author how much did they pay you to say that

  29. nancy Says:

    Brad please shut up and stop lying already.

  30. cleancut Says:

    Oprah TOLD brad that angelina was the love of his life? What he couldn’t have said that himself ? And how did he answer “I dare not say” lol. Man grow your balls back and leave that trash you know you don’t love her

  31. sada Says:

    Perhaps the reason Oprah had him on was because Jennifer has moved on with her life. You can bet that Aniston knew this would take place. I wish people would realize that she has moved on with her life quite a few years ago actually.

    Just because she didn’t publicly jump from bed to bed doesn’t mean she’s not been enjoying her single life. Trust me, she has been.

  32. liz Says:

    To Sada:


  33. brad fan Says:

    Why is everyone so negative.If he didn’t love Angelina I don’t think he’d still be with her and having babies.His personal life is just that PERSONAL, it’s bad enough that he can’t go ANYWHERE without people screaming his name,taking pictures etc.I say live and let live,and those who can’t say anything nice should not say anything at all.Jen’s over it, Brad’s over it, Angelina’s over it…why can’t the rest of you be over it too?

  34. My 2 golden cents Says:

    Can you imagine what a field day all the JALoonies would howl about if he did admit he is now the happiest? It is best to keep his council. Mr. and Mrs. Jolie-Pitt are private persons a large majority of what is written about them are from “sources” and assumptions. I am glad to see Oprah learn to separate her profession from her personal. I also stopped watching her show when she took sides. It would have been better to stay neutral. I look forward to this interview.

  35. Marissa Says:

    Oh please..I cant wait for the moment when Brad ends up leaveing Angelina after He has used her body to spit out ever more of the kids that He wont even be around to raise. She deserves every second of pain she will have come her way. what goes around comes around. you break up a marriage and behave selfish I will come back and bite you in the ass. and I personally cant wait for the day.

  36. Ursula Says:

    Marissa! Get over it already… Miss holier than thou. So much bitterness eating at you? For one, Angelina is so much younger than Brad.:-) Who will likely do the spitting out??? There’s no way Angelina will let Brad the sexiest man in the world go. So, you can wait for the supposed day all you like (hahaha) until all your hair falls out or have you already pulled them out? If there’s anything that is going around and coming back around to this very charitable couple…. are only wonderful blessings. Is that why you are turning green?

  37. Gail Says:

    These VERY NASTY comments about Brad and Angelina is PATHETIC! Your’ll sound like a FRUSTRATED bunch of WHINY people with SMALL MINDS. Get a Life!

  38. pinky Says:

    How sad Marissa, so much bitterness, i feel sorry for you…

  39. Alex Says:

    sada Says:
    November 7th, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    Just because she didn’t publicly jump from bed to bed doesn’t mean she’s not been enjoying her single life. Trust me, she has been.


    Are you kidding me with that statement? This woman has done NOTHING BUT jump from bed to bed. Where in the heck have you been the last 3 years? Do we need to name the men from her very PUBLIC romances? do we really? Or will you stop your fanciful lies now?

  40. Dakota Says:

    Brad is having babies because he wanted to be a dad. Brad knew how Angelina is involved with children already. Jennifer could have children but maybe it wasn’t happen fasten enough for Brad!

  41. WeHomeschool Says:

    I am glad that Oprah and Brad are mending things. They both seem to have more things alike when it comes to their outlook on the world and issues than different.

  42. Suzy Says:

    It seems the only ones still bleating about Brad getting a divorce in 2005 are women who act as if he divorced them. LOL. Thanks Gail for your wise words. 6 kids later and someone thinks Brad is not exactly with the woman he wants to be with and where he plans to remain. Oprah sees the truth, Brad loves Angelina and Angelina makes him the happiest he has ever been. Brad and Angelina are kindred souls, very much alike in many ways, that’s so obvious.

  43. Kenny Says:

    They are both matching pairs!!

  44. addie Says:

    Brad & Angelina were born to be together
    and I love what they are during with their
    children. At least they are giving back.
    But, Brad & Angelina get the next child
    from Africa so little Zahara won’t be alone.
    My prayer for your family is safety, peace
    and joy, always. …I hope you’ll have
    some JESUS, too.

  45. addie Says:

    Brad & Angelina were born to be together
    and I love what they are doing with their
    children. At least they are giving back.
    But, Brad & Angelina get the next child
    from Africa so little Zahara won’t be alone.
    My prayer for your family is safety, peace
    and joy, always. …I hope you’ll have
    some JESUS, too. (corrective copy)

  46. kate Says:

    I hope Angie goes on O’s show. She is so shy in interviews. How about Angie and Brad. Great!

  47. ErvinTW Says:

    Thanks! Nice post.

  48. gold is not all that shines Says:

    Brad and Angelina lied entire public about not having the love affair. So I think most people will agree they are liers. They did not respect YOU enough to tell you the truth so why should YOU respect them for being liers. Now if you were truly in love with someone and this is the woman or love of your life… would you lie to public or would you tell the truth… more importantly would you become the father yet never wanting to marry their mother? Would you look tired, unattractive, nervous, and unhappy? Or you would be honest, truthful and the best of you? Ladies and gentlemen it is clear that Brad and Angelina will not last. It is obvious that relationship that was built on cheating and lies and betrayel of your own self and than people around you, you sure know this is now what SHOULD HAVE happened. This relationship with Angelina was simply a life long mistake that will cost all particpants a lot and there were better ways of having children and woman or man of life than this way! Brad you know the truth, the worlds sees the truth.

  49. Marion Lewis Says:

    Brad and Angelina are two very intelligent individuals - fiscally so. These celebrities never got married. Therefore, the likelihood of them ever getting divorced is zero percent. ZERO! That’s pretty good odds for them, but bad for divorce lawyers everywhere who will never profit from their breakup. But I wonder who will get custody? If they ever did break up, I mean? Although, that is probably never going to happen.

    By Marion TD Lewis

  50. American citizen Says:

    As American citizen I refuse to watch Brad and Angelinas movies. I have not watched any since their love affair. To me watching their movies simply means supporting cheating and lying. America do not support couples who engage in marital affairs! Support love but please do not support cheating partners, betrayels and people who would do anything to get what they want no matter what consequences are and even hurting other people…. think of yourself before you support couples like this. Why should we watch their movies??? Don’t they already have anough money ? Better give this $7 to Charity of your choice but not to them. We as America collectively need to support couples that are honest and faithfull! I admire Oprah, yet I won’t spend a dime on Brad. It is simply a matter of principal.

  51. Maggie May Says:

    American Citizen - grow up! Who are you? Are you perfect? We know you can’t be as noone is- Let me guess you are a Christian LOL!!!

    Religion is an excuse to judge - it is pathetic! You admire O that is all I need to know to know that you are an idiot!!!

    I am a huge fan of Pitt’s movies and Angie’s movies - their personal lives are none of your business!

    Keep making great movies! Jen’s movies are fluff and shit!

  52. Fran Says:

    “Sick” in Australia means cool or great….most often used by people under 30

  53. reasonable thought Says:

    Brad wanted a big family..
    wanted to be more involved in charities..
    wanted more than the glamouraous empty hollywoood life.
    wnated to surround himself with intelligent people
    wanted to expand in diversity and travel the world.

    jen did not want a big family
    did not want to do charity that much
    did not want to travel the world
    did not want to meet new people outside of her courtney cox . friends circle.
    did not want to give up the galmaourous spa filled empty hollywood lifestyle
    did not want to meet people that would challenge her intellect and expand her intelligence…

    this two were not a match made for each other.

    It was very evident to everyone why Brad was attracted to Angelina…
    she shared many of brads goals
    had a love for life and learning that Brad craved.
    she was surrounded by people that were intelligent and people who make a difference in our world. Not the self absorbed hollywood types.

    TRUTH is angelina was a far better match. She even shares hislove for architecture and is right by his side on all his charity ventures..such as the onoe in New Orleans.

  54. notafan Says:

    im not a fan of JA but i take her side b4 AJolie. She did say she on an interview, she would never go for a “Married Man” since she saw what it did to her mother. How can you people say she is a good mother when she is always traveling all over and making movies she probably spending a few hours of her time with her children and she has 6!!!

  55. Lin Says:

    Most of you posters are pathetic to say the least! Angelina is not running all over making movies and ignoring her children. She just said, a few days ago, that she is going to phase out of acting in order to BE a full-time mom. When she makes a movie, Pitt is there for the children, and vice versa. As for you, goldisnotallthatshines, you are deluding yourself with your erroneous post. Nothing you said, even about Pitt’s appearance, is anywhere even close to being the truth! Aniston has only herself to blame for Pitt’s leaving her. She chose to put her paltry career first instead of her husband. I don’t blame him one bit for leaving her. She hopped right into bed with Vaughn, and it has been a revolving door ever since!

  56. rose Says:

    Leave angie alone, brad was interviewed by Oprah it is his business, what does AJ got to do it with, if Oprah want to add a spice on the show that is her business. AJ has a handful to attend to and this are her kids who are far more important than brad interview with Oprah. But I’m looking forward for this show of O’ and I will encourage all my friends to watch O’ so they can see the trailer of the movie and just plainly enjoy the show, and get entertained.

  57. gold is not all that shines Says:

    This is not about who likes whom, or who is more beautiful this is about how we as a public are responsible for supporting cheating. BP and AJ lied to public stating in many different ways that cheating had never happened and that divorce took place for some other reasons. Most of the people would agree that they refused and are still refusing to take responsibility for their part. Cheating is something that can hardly be justified if ever. They had a choice of standing up for the truth and to say … yes I cheated, yes I slept with AJ while married, yes I was angry, yes I regret and can’t go back, yes I loved my wife she was my best friend, yes Jennifer told me to leave, yes I was cheated before and I know how this hurts, Yes I could not go back because she would not take me, yes I did not care anylonger what will take place, yes I feel guilty and very ashamed, yes I do not want to marry the woman I cheated with, and yes I got children but lost myself in entire process and yes I have lost the peace of Mind. Could he say the story of Truth? Yes he could but he did not. He lied. If he said the truth people would say … Ok he is truthful cheater. He would still be responsible for cheating part and AJ too. But it would be better than still denying. That cheating part should have never taken the place! Because there were better ways of having a love life and children, right Brad? You do agree with this: Cheating is not the right way. It doesn’t give you what you thought you will obtain … the ultimate happiness… it gives you actually the life of guilt. It is so clear. It is not about love, he has no choice but to stick up now with where he got himself. If you support cheating partners you are part of the problem. Cheating is not better than to be faithfull. When you cheat you feel enormous guilt, you give bad example to your children, you become known as cheater and lier, people don’t respect you, your family is angry with you, and you end up having what you caused to the person you cheated in the first place. Lying to PUBLIC doesnt not pay off. This relationship is destined to fail simply because relationships born out of cheating fails…. especially when there are some feelings left for your ex. He will always want to go back and have something with Jennifer so she can easy his pain of guilt. When he is in not in touch with her his relationship with AJ detoriates. The relationship with AJ solely depends on the fact for how long if ever Jenn wants to reduce his guilt. Besides that I think that Brad and Angelina are not together. They are just extending the ultimate agony.

  58. kim Says:

    Mark my words, there’s no way angie and brad will stay together for the rest of their lives. Be for real, people. we may never know all of the reasons brad and jen split, i was routing for them though. angie’s a mess and i don’t think jen’s miss goodie two shoes but both of them are fun to read about. as for brad, he’s just the absolute hottest man out there, cheating or not. He was wrong and jen def. played a part in his cheating and I’d like to think they’d be a better couple but I think it was jen’s fault that they weren’t. Brad made a mistake, we all do from time to time and maybe he and angie ARE better suited to each other, i don’t know, but angie just doesn’t sit right with me. she’s got serious issues and really, so does brad since he’s with her, but like I said, it’s all fun to read about. Just my two cents…

  59. swerwossequam Says:

    All are not friends that speak us fair ;)

  60. Zia Taylor Says:

    I salute Angie and Brad. If Jen and Brad had what it takes to make a marriage then nobody, not even Angie, could break them up. Why is it ALWAYS the woman’s fault? Hello? I think if it is to be they are united forever, then it will be however, my views on forever is something in a fairytale. That is why Paul Newman and JoAnne Woodward were so unique in the duration of thier marriage. Shouldn’t we all be so lucky?

  61. Maya Says:

    I didn’t like Oprah’s show today. I think she paid more attention to chatting to Kate Blanchet rather than being friendly with Brad, which would have been what she does when she likes someone. I am sure that made Brad nervous. Can you imagine sitting there wondering if Oprah will ask you about your ex-wife?. Oprah is obviously biased.
    Brad seemed very happy with AJ and their children, she said more than once he was happy to come to his family everyday, that is exactly the think that my husband says is very important to him…to have the “someone” and the “family” to come to. I wish them the best.
    DId anyone also notice the bit of sadness when he talks about the paparazzi? Privacy is a big thing to lose.
    Will Oprah ever have Angelina in her show? or better then, both Brad and Angie?

  62. Maya Says:

    Oh, and for those people who are still bitter about BP leaving JA for AJ. Really, there is no woman who can take a husband away if he really loved the wife. He obviously didn’t and found someone to love. Nobody can “steal” a husband. They are always free to go, if they really want to. It was his decision, andhe is a smart, sensible man. It muct have been the best decision to make at that point.

  63. Karen Says:

    Well here’s my take on everything. Jennifer is an idiot! All she had to do was have a kid with her husband Brad, but no she wanted to be a movie star. She’ll never be a movie star, never win an Oscar as Pitt and Jolie have done! Selfish stupid woman who deserved to lose Brad. And what’s she doing now, trapping John Mayer into a relationship with a kid who doesn’t want - yeh that’s a nice girl?! I wish her nothing but hard times and the Pitt-Jolie family nothing but happy times.

  64. Anna Says:

    Who cares about Jennifer Aniston!!! Brad and Angie are happiy!! Good for them!!
    Loved the interview!! Love Brad too!!!

  65. Mary Ann Says:

    was very disappointed with the show. It was not real. You can tell that Oprah wanted to ask about Jen but she was really prep before the show not to speak about Jen. He is so conceited…and I lost respect for him a long time ago. He looked uncomfortable there.

  66. ann Says:

    It’s funny with people saying “mark my words they will separate” maybe if they convert the negativity to something positive like “mark my words.. you will win a million dollars” or mark my words there will be a cure for cancer… etc. etc” the world will be a better place.

    I don’t like JA but I don’t wish her ill or call her names.. she seems shallow to me but I don’t know her so I’m in no position to say she’s a bad person she’s just a chick living her life. And the same with the JPs I don’t know them personally but you have to give it to them, they are living their lives and they are involved. You think what bad stuff written about them in blogs affect their lives? I dont think so…

    So instead of wishing people to separate or stop whining and getting a tan(JA) let’s just all wish them well.

  67. Enlandorn Says:

    I was making love to this girl and she started crying. I said, “Are you going to hate yourself in the morning?” She said. “No. I hate myself now.” (Rodney Dangerfield) :P

  68. brad pitt on oprah Says:

    When it comes to quirky toddler behavior, 2-year-old Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt might just take the cake. In excerpts from an interview airing tomorrow on The Oprah Winfrey Show , dad Brad Pitt reveals that despite his

  69. expert break up advice Says:

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    “ I’ m gonna get my man back”. Say it out loud. If you want him, you can get him. It’ s been done before and it will be done again and again by women who have the right attitude and perspective. Let’ s look at the outlook you need if you want…

  70. expert break up advice Says:

    “ I’ m gonna get my man back”. Say it out loud. If you want him, you can get him. It’ s been done before and it will be done again and again by women who have the right attitude and perspective. Let’ s look at the outlook you need if you want to get your ex back in your life (where he undoubtedly belongs).

  71. Andrew Says:

    I cannot believe that people can be so judgemental on other peoples lives without knowing what really went on between Jennifer and Brad behind doors. It takes 2 to tango and some of you people should really quit it and leave Angie out of this BS!!!!

  72. G_i_N Says:


  73. Komiks Says:

    Сдесь комменты можно почитать и в цирк не ходить!! бред какойто.

  74. brih Says:

    Thank you. I can never get enough of these two.

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