Billy Ray Defends His Daughter’s Pole Dance!

billy-ray-cyrus-defends-mileys-pole-dance Billy Ray Cyrus is speaking out about his daughter Miley's controversial performance at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards earlier this month. "You know what? I just think that Miley loves entertaining people," he told Access Hollywood at Thursday's Hellman's/Facebook Feeding American Event in NYC. Well, she definitely entertained quite a few teenage boys and probably a few 40-year-old perverts when she performed her new single Party In the USA at this year's Teen Choice Awards. Shawty got low low low low, low low low low...on a freakin' stripper pole attached to an ice-cream truck! What an odd prop pairing! Perfect attempt in attracting fans of all ages though! You know her 53-year-old man stalker has had it on constant repeat since the show aired! "She loves singing [and] songwriting," he added. In an poll, 85 percent of readers voted Miley was too young to dance so provocatively. What's good 'ole dad have to say when it comes to such comments? "I always tell her to love what you're doing and stay focused for the love of the art and not worry so much about opinion." We weren't part of that 85 percent! People are legit overreacting with this one. It's not like she swirled around the pole like a stripper...girl just used the pole as a balancing aid!

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